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​​Over 35 years at the same location

 Treat every customer as if your next  one depends on it....treat them like  the piece of gold they are.

                              ....Bob D'Urso

Dear Bob, The world would be a better place if everyone ran their business as you do. I don't know which is better the staff or the quality of your work.

 Thank you so much for all your caring.  


Dear Bob, Firstly I have to thank you and your staff for making the repair of my car such a pleasant one. Who would have thought that visiting a Body Shop would turn out to be so pleasant. Not only was the workmanship on my car excellent, but also the treatment by your employees was "par excellence".    


Dear Bob, Thank you for your expert repair of my Range Rover! I would have no problem recommending you to my close friends and business associates. Your staff is to be commended for their timely response to my numerous questions and inquires. In the future, if misfortune should shine upon me, I wouldn't hesitate to call! DH